HEYMI Interactive Flat Panel
More freedom, more possibilities.
Heymi Interactive flat panel covers intelligent writing, intelligent display, intelligent interaction and other functions, breaking the cumbersome constraints of traditional display, bringing unlimited possibilities for modern office and education.
Extra large, ultra-clear
The Heymi interactive touch screen has a 4K large screen, and is highly integrated while maintaining a slim metal body.
The appearance of exquisite technology, immersive and delicate image quality, the shocking and powerful, and your high-end office space complement each other.
Ultra high definition
Multiple sizes
Brushed metal
More sizes are available to suit your needs.
Brushed metal

Intelligent writing, depicting
The upgraded version of the infrared touch technology allows you to enjoy smooth and fine writing on a purely beautiful screen, while incorporating smarter and more user-friendly design, flexible to meet the writing needs of different environments.

Viewing angle
Touch accuracy*
Ultra fast response*

Zoom in and out

Free movement

Gesture erasure

Key mark

Flexible writing
Multi-screen interaction real-
Heymi interactive touch screen brings easy connection and display, and the computer, mobile phone, tablet* can easily screen the content wirelessly.
At the same time, you can control the big screen through your personal mobile device in your seat, making every presentation and information exchange beyond imagination.

Screen sharing



Smart phone
一点即传 ,小屏轻松投大屏。
0.09 秒的传输速度*,人眼几乎难以察觉,
使用 MAXHUB 无线传屏,在会议平板上可反向操控电脑,也可使用手机、平板直接操控会议平板*,
使用 MAXHUB 无线传屏,在会议平板上可反向操控电脑,也可使用手机、平板直接操控会议平板*,
Remote collaboration, Imagine
The advanced version supports remote desktop sharing, real-time synchronization of off-site writing, and efficiently making every important decision anytime, anywhere.
Remote collaboration really breaks the space limit.
Remote screen sharing, off-screening and writing synchronization through cloud conferencing, allowing you to be clear on the Heymi interactive touch screen
Seeing video footage and sharing content, it's like collaborating face-to-face in the same room. (Video conferencing needs to be customized)
Strong configuration, powerful
Equipped with Intel Core processor, it has strong performance and stable operation;
It also supports Android / Windows dual system*, which is rich in applications and easy to operate. (configuration can be customized)
Core processor
Dual system

Apply more fields
  • Industrial design
  • Medical field
  • Education and training

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