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Heymi Smart Plug

Hi Jack, you get 30 minutes of game time!

Smart parents use Heymi Smart Power Strip to limit or set a time for game or other appliances.

Good morning, coffee is ready!

You can set any appliance to turn on or off at any desired scheduled time.

The Google Assistant is a conversation between you and Google.Just ask the Google Assitant questions and let it help you get things done.
Heymi smart power strip talks directly to the Amazon Echo when you connect with Amazon’s voice service Alexa.Afte a quick set-up you be begin changing the color of your lights, turning them on and off,and more with your voice.
Stylish,sophisticated workmanship, superior quality

current protection that passes through more than 5,000 times plug-in fire resistant.

  • Overcorrect Protection

    Your electronics are safe with built-in over-current protection circuit.
  • Pass through plug test of 5000

    State-of-the-Art injection to guarantee high quality.
  • high temperature flame retardant

    high temperature flame retardant